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Since 2001, Medical Coding .Net has been an outstanding resource for Discount coding books, data files, coding software and CMS-1500 or UB-04 claim forms.


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We carry only top-selling medical coding books, including the latest ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion tools from the AMA, DecisionHealth, Optum (Ingenix), and PMIC. Our data files and software are used by local, state, and Federal governments, university hospitals, software resellers, and major medical insurers. UB-04 and CMS-1500 claim forms are also available. 

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ICD-9 Code Books & ICD-10 Conversion 

All providers need diagnosis codes, and we carry ICD-9 books from AMA, Optum (Ingenix), and PMIC. DecisionHealth Complete Home Health is our best-selling home health coding manual. The ICD-10 conversion is the biggest change to the medical coding systems in decades. Start now with draft ICD-10 books or SpeedECoder software that contains ICD-10 crosswalks in each search.


CPT Code Books

Created by the AMA, the HIPAA-mandated CPT coding system underlies physician and facility outpatient billing. The CPT Professional Edition is our best-selling CPT book, but the PMIC CPT book, CPT Plus, is a great low-price option. Get the Desk Reference for Procedures with your CPT coding book to learn the basics. Finally, for comprehensive CPT billing and compliance information, OptumInsight's Current Procedural Coding Expert is second to none.


Optum (Ingenix) Coding Books

The beloved Ingenix coding books brand is alive and well as Optum. Optum coding books include customized specialty fee analyzers, a national medical fee analyzer, and the Uniform Billing Editor. The popular Coding Companion series contains coding, billing, and compliance by specialty including primary care, podiatry, plastic surgery, and gastroenterology. Finally, Optum leads the way in Medicare Compliance manuals